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World Wrestling Entertainment Hell in a Cell 2017: worse Booking Decisions in PPV's History

0 of 8Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment.comMajor wrestling events going to always be defined by 2 factors: the wrestling & the booking. World Wrestling Entertainment Hell in a Cell has been a World Wrestling Entertainment event every year ever ever 2009 & has certainly seen its Honest share of perfect & bad booking decisions. Overall, it has been a fairly solid event by major matches inside 1 of World Wrestling Entertainment's generality fearsome structures. But, each display has too been defined by 1 painful booking decision which allow drop the night, whether it be a title change or momentum-killing moment. These are the 8 booking decisions which allow drop each Hell in a Cell event, making sure it wasn't almostas major as it can have been regardless of the work of the World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers.

Triple H versus. Undertaker: Who Is the Greatest World Wrestling Entertainment Hell in a Cell Performer?

Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment.comThe World Wrestling Entertainment stars of today have an impossibly long method to go to match Triple H & Undertaker's contribution to the legacy of Hell in a Cell. & while reflecting on the greatest Hell in a Cell matches of all time, both Triple H & Undertaker dominate those memories. Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment.comAnd in 9 tries, Triple H has yet to have a bad performance in which cage. His slim victory over Triple H at WrestleMania 28 going to long be remained as a stirring in-ring story. no bady has & no bady going to touch what Undertaker did inside Hell in a Cell.

Triple H vs. Undertaker: Who Is the Greatest WWE Hell in a Cell Performer?

Ranking the highest 5 generality violent Hell in a Cell matches in World Wrestling Entertainment history

as mentioned in This Sunday, the World Wrestling Entertainment rolls into tiny Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan for the Common pay-per-view Hell in a Cell. five) Triple H versus Kevin Nash (Mick Foley special guest referee) - Bad Blood 2003Man, this was a blood bath. while Kevin Nash returned to the Inc. after a serious quad tear, his best friends, Triple H & Shawn Michaels were feuding. In order to get his hope, Shane only had to do 1 thing - win The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. This Determine the tone & mystique for everything the Hell in a Cell match has become & it going to likely never be surpassed.

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